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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We all know what the cell phone companies are battling for, right? To be number one? No, to simply seperate you from your gard earnd dollar. Thats it, plain and simple, they want your money and they want more of it each and every day.
Recently Verizon introduced there Unlimited calling for $69.99 a month. Sounds good, right? Well not less than a year ago they introduced and unlimited package that included unlimited talk, text and web for $119.99. That also sounds like a great plan, right? Well all it seems they have done is broken up that bundle to allow someone to make unlimited calls only. Who does that these days, a cell phone for strictly calls? Crazy I know. So that same person that wants this unlimited talk along with unlimited text, add $20 a month, oh you also want unlimited web, add another $30. Where does that put you, right back at $119.99 a month.
Now I have to hand it to Verizon, they are marketing geniuses. They have everyone in the country believing that their $69.99 ublimited talk plan is the next best thing and drive people into their stores where they are then upsold on the things they really need, texting and web(data) plans. My hats off to ya Verizon. Now not to be outdone, ATT has also gone the same route as Verizon. Copycats is all it is.
How do they justify the charges, well they say its because they have the biggest or fastest networks, hmmm, I am not to sure about that.
Attention readers!!!! Verizon and Sprint have a roaming areement!!! What does that mean to you? Well if you are a Sprint customer, whoa and behold, when you are not on the Sprint network, you roam on Verizons network. So, when Verizon has their fancy commercials talking about how big their network is, guess what Sprint Customer. Thats your Network map too!!! Bet you didnt know that.
This leads me to Sprint and their current(as of 3/10/10) $69.99 plan. Well thisa is what you Get with Sprint for the same price. Unlimited Mobile Calling to Any Cell Phone in the country regardless of Carrier, Unlimited Text and Picture Messaging, Unlimited Web services, Unlimited Navigation, Sprint TV and for those of you calling Landline 450 minutes for that too. Not to shabby I think. Ya, Verizon and ATT will tell you that you only get 450 Anytime minutes compared to their unlimited. But these days, who calls a landline. Its the simple fact that you can call a Verizon or ATT customer and it be FREE that is the best part of this plan. To me, that is Unlimited!!!
So you tell me. What is the better Value these days? Times are tough, we all need to save wherever you can. I know some of you might say, " I am under contract, it will cost me $200 to cancel and switch." I tell you, do the math. If sprint will save you on average at minimum $30 a month over a 24 month period, that equals $720 in saving over the life of the standard 2 year agreement. When you subtract your cancellation fee, you save over $500. Now I dont know about you, but that is a lot of money to me.
So what is your choice?

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