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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sprint's Android Phones

Sprint is getting into the mix and is soon going to be offering some of the best Android Operating System Phones on the market. They currently have the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment in their stores ready to be bought. Coming soon to Sprint will be the 4G HTC EVO, the Motorola I1(first push to talk android os phone) and the Nexus One which is already available with Tmobile and ATT wireless.
The addition of these 3 phones in the coming months is going to give Sprint some of the most powerful and popular Android OS phones on the mrket. Their HTC Hero is already getting better reviews than the Iphone. This coming from independent magazines such as pcworld.
For a quick look at these new phones and what they are capable of, take a look at this article on
Will these phones be enough to keep Sprint afloat and turn the tides of losing customers? Perhaps! It is ddefinately a step in the right direction. Their value can not be beat by any of the other 3 major U.S. based carriers. Their customer service is turning the corner. The fact that they have a 4G network working at this time helps put them in the lead. I believe they need to work on improving their lower tier phone offerings. The LG Rumor Touch is a step in that direction.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Best Values In Wireless Plans

Apple iPod touch 8 GB (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODELIt is my intent for this post to educate you, the consumer, on what are some of the best Values in wireless today. Now, Cost is the most common way that a consumer determines the value of a service. That is primarily what will be discussed on this page. We will be comparing similar plans with the 4 major carriers in the United States.

This is the comparrison. Phone: Blackberry 8500 Series Minutes: 450 with Unlimited Text and Web

Sprint: This is what Sprint has to offer for $69.99

Sprint is the #3 Carrier based on total customers in the U.S. They are currently the only company using a form of 4G technology, WiMax. Their Everything Data 450 Plan includes the following.

450 minutes for Landline calls between 7am and 7pm Monday through Friday

Unlimited Mobile Calls to ANY Cell phone, regardless of company, 24 hrs a day

Free Night and Weekend Calling starting at 7pm

Unlimited Text and Picture Messaging

Unlimited Web(data) ussage for emails or web browsing

Turn By Turn Voice Navigation built in(no need to download an app)

Verizon: For $99.98 this is what Verizon Offers

Verizon is the largest of all the 4 major National carriers. They boast about their Network being the largest and providing the biggest 3G coverage map.

450 Anytime Minutes

Unlimited Verizon to Verizon Calls

Free Nights and weekends that start at 9pm

Unlimited text and picture messaging

Unlimited Web(data) for emails and web browsing

Sprint TV and Radio at no extra cost

T-mobile: For 79.98 T-mobile will offer you this package.

T-mobile is the 4th largest carrier in the United States. It was the first company to release an Android OS phone in the G-1 more than 2 years ago. They are consistently recognized for outstanding customer service. they no longer offer their "My Faves" calling plans.

500 Anytime Minutes

Unlimited T-mobile to T-mobile calls

Free nights and weekends starting at 9pm

Unlimited text and picture messaging

Unlimited Web(data) for emails and web browsing

ATT: For 89.98 you will get this offer from ATT

ATT is the home of the Iphone(this pricing does not apply to Iphones). They are the 2nd largest carrier in the U.S. after merging with Cingular.

450 Anytime minutes w/ rollover

Unlimited calls to other ATT phones

Free nights and weekends starting at 9pm

Unlimited text and picture messaging

Unlimited Web(data) for emails and web browsing

As you can see the plans essentially offer the same from one to the next. The Pricing does vary, Sprint being the least expensive while Verizon is the most expensive. Some plans offer rollover minutes while others offer FREE calling to all wireless phones regardless of company. So where do you find the value for yourself? It might come down to price. For others it might be coverage. So if you are looking for a new provider, do some research, Visit the companies websites and use their lookup tools to see who will give you the best coverage where you live, work and play.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sprint is one Step Closer to Supersonic!!

It seems as though the folks over at Sprint are getting ready for something big. This aryicle was just posted on What does this all mean? Its just a packing slip or purchase order. Well it simply means that the Supersonic from HTC is on its way and SOON. Many speculated that HTC Supersonic would not be out until later this year. My guess is with the expected "official" announcement next week, that we are looking for a lauh within the next month possibly. This announcement paired with the expected release of the Nexus One is definately putting Sprint in a Prime position to be a Game Player in the Business.
Here is the Article from
The other day we reported that the HTC Supersonic could be introduced at CTIA next week. For those who somehow missed the story, this is the handset that seems designated by Sprint to launch the 4G WiMAX network. For such a monumental task, you would expect to find a studly beast of a phone,and the Supersonic lives up to the billing. Sprint has said that it would launch a 4G handset by summer, so you would expect to start seeing the signs that this is true. And thanks to a tipster, Engadget has obtained a screen shot of some internal Sprint communication that appears to show the Supersonic. The model number of the handset, A9292, appears on a warehouse portal used by indirect third party dealers. It might not be as much proof of an imminent introduction as a press release from Sprint might be, but it still means something and with the amazing specs like a 4.3 inch AMOLED screen, 1GB of ROM and 1GHz of Snapdragon power under the hood, not to mention the 4G connectivity, it all means a lot.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sprint and Tmobile Merger?? Possibly closer than ever before.

Today it was announced on that a possible deal between Clearwire and Tmobile might be in the works.

It has long been speculated that the #3 Carrier Sprint and the #4 Carrier Tmobile would possibly merge into one company. Highly unlikely because of the two different networks from each company and a third if you count the Nextel IDEN network.

Here is the article from Phonescoop:

"According to Reuters, T-Mobile USA is looking at different ways to boost its spectrum capacity. As part of that goal, the company is considering forming a joint venture with one or more other companies. "We continue to look at JV opportunities for additional spectrum... there are a number of different options we look at, (we) have been talking with cable companies, with Clearwire," Robert Dotson, chief executive of T-Mobile USA. The company does not believe the national broadband plan, recently forwarded to congress by the FCC, will be of help in its goal. Notably, Dotson responded to a question about a merger with Sprint, "What you never want to do is take one company that is going through challenges and take another company going through challenges" and put them together. T-Mobile didn't detail how a joint venture with Clearwire would work. Clearwire is Sprint's partner in building out a national WiMax network. T-Mobile has committed to bringing Long Term Evolution (technology that competes with WiMax) to market as its next-generation technology. Both T-Mobile and Sprint lag market leaders Verizon and AT&T by a growing margin."

I dont see this as a true merger since it not for the Phone aspect of business. As of right now at least. Would this be a good thing?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ok it looks like March 24 might be the big day Sprint and everyone else have been waiting for. SUPERSONIC , will be announced and confirmed.

Well at this time it seems like today is a big day for Sprint. the forthcoming announcement concerning the possible release of the 4G Supersonic and now this,,,,,
The Announcement that Sprint will also be carrying the Nexus One.
It is not yet known if they will be sold in stores, like Verizon, or if they will need to be purchased directly from Google, like Tmobile. Either way this is a great day for customers of all the Big 4 National carriers.
Customers will no longer need to switch companies if they are interested in the Nexus One. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a Company(HTC & Google) offering the same phone for all companies to partake in. Of course there might be subtle changes from one carrier to the next but that isnt a bad thing.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Best Cell Phone Accessories of 2010

This is just a List of what I feel are the Best and Most Practical Cell Phone Acessories on the market today. There is no paticular order. I have used many of these devices myself and speak from my own experience. Some I am basing off the feedback of others that have used the products mentioned. As always, do your own research and go with what is best for yourself.

1. Otterbox Protective Cases

These cases offer not 1, not 2 but 3 layers of protection for your device. Thats amazing. These cases come ready to protect you from dust, water and those ever so fun drops on the concrete. They start with a protective sleeve that generally covers the keypad, speaker and microphone areas. This is then followed by a snap on plastic shell. Finally the outer shell is then protected by a rubber gel skin.

I cant even tell you how many times I have seen a phone drop from just a few feet and get damaged beyond belief. The cost varies from $30 to $50 depending on the device you are protecting. Keep in mind that many of your Smartphones cost in excess of $400. And how many of you opted, or are unable to get insurance(Iphone), to not get insurance on your phone?

2. Touchstone Charger

What an ingenious way to charge your device. No Cables!! I realy like and personally use this charging system with my Palm Pre. Love it, Love it. It makes texting and driving so much easier. Oops did I admit that?? Lets be honest, many of us charge our phones in the car and use our phones while doing so. This makes it easy to take of the pedestal and not have to deal with that pesky charging cable in the car.

OK aside from the illegal, in some states, texting while driving advantages I think this is where charging your battery is going. Think abiout how you will no longer need to "plug In" your phone. No more bad connections causing your phone to not charge. thats exactly what this does for you.

If you search the web you can find one between $50 to $70 on average. A great place to go for your Palm gadgets like this is .

There are other similar charging docks for others makes and models of phones so depending on what device you are using, look around, you might be able to find one for yours.

3. Invisishield by Zagg

I cant say enough about this product. It is hands down the best protection for any phone on the market. I have yet to see a phone that they could not protect. I currently use it on both my Palm Pre and my HTC Hero.

The additional cost, $15 to $40, is well worth it. The price varies on the phone model and whether or not youre protecting just the screen or the entire device. Personally I have found that protecting the screen is sufficient.

My biggest recommendation with this product is that you have a professional install it. You might be lucky to have a mall that has a kiosk that sells this product in your area. Here in Southern California there are several mall locations. Another location is Best Buy. I highly, highly suggest that you do not attempt to put on yourself. You may end up with air bubbles that you can not get out.

They make these covers for many fifferent devices. Cameras, laptops, etc....

4. Motorola Endeavor Bluetooth

This is one of the best blutooth on the market today. This bluetooth has a feature that puts you in stealth mode. I compare that to being in a smaill room with nothing in it but yourself. The fit of it is great. It comes with 4 different ear pieces for a superior fit. It does take a few days to get used to. Once you are used to the fit though, it is subperb.

This is what Cnet had to say:

The good: The Motorola Endeavor HX1's bone conduction completely eliminates background noise when needed, while the CrystalTalk noise-cancellation technology works well in most everyday situations. It also has voice prompts and multipoint support. We like the feel of the controls and the snug fit in the ear.

The bad: The Motorola Endeavor HX1's bone-conduction mode can result in poor voice quality, and the HX1 might fit too deep in the ear for some.

The bottom line: Though the call quality isn't perfect, the combination of bone conduction, CrystalTalk, and other features make the Motorola Endeavor HX1 a fantastic headset.

Here is all the tech info you need to know. I wont bore you to death with it. Lets just say this device is well worth the money you invest into it.

5. Jabra Halo Stereo Bluetooth

For those of you that like to listen to music on your phone, this is the Stereo Headset that you have to have. The sound quality is amazing on these. The highs are high and the lows low. I was shocked by how rich the sound was coming from the earpieces.

The Jabra Halo has a slim and stylish design that folds down to a more compact and portable shape. It comes with a 3.5-millimeter patch cord in case your device does not have stereo Bluetooth

News From ATT

WEll it looks like ATT is coming out with some new features for its mobile customers. Not to bad. I think they have put some effort to actually provide some services for its customers. Here is a quick breakdown of what they will soon be offering.

AT&T Address Book will sync your contacts with an online server, you’ll always have your phonebook backed-up and you’ll also be able to access and manage it from either your phone or computer. It will also allow you to import contacts from other web-based sources like e-mail accounts. Using it will be free of charge.

Next Generation Messaging will bring features, such as “reply all” functionality that will let you respond to up to 10 contacts, a threaded-style conversation display and a consolidated inbox.

AT&T Mobile Share will let you share photos and videos (maximum file size is set to 10MB) from your cell phone with your computer, social networking sites, people and a personal “storage locker” on the Internet. Users will be able to access the content in their storage lockers from a computer or a phone. AT&T Mobile Share will be available for $10 per month for 50 media transfers. Pay per use price will be $.35 for a single transfer. Your maximum storage limit will be 250MB, but this can be expanded to 10GB more, for another $5 per month.

For a more detailed listing of what they will be offering along with 3 new handsets, check this out:

My take on what they are offering. It gives the customer options now. I dont feel any of these phones are groundbreaking or "got to have" devices. But for some, they might be. Bottom line, the more options a customer has, the better.

Sprint Saves You Money!!!!

Sprint Saves You Money!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Iphone Rumor

Rumors are floating on the web that the Iphone is going to be coming to a Carrier near you soon, sometime this year accoring to many. Now this may be true. I, however, dont feel that this will be happening for quite some time. Reason being is this. Apple has recently agreed to allow AT&T the rights to sell the Ipad in the United States. By doing so they are committing to AT&T some exclusivity yet again. Yes I know this is not a phone however is shows some type of arrangement by the two in my opinion. Yes I have read reports of Iphones being tested on the Verizon network by some. This very well may be true. The way I see Apple running though is this, they like to be in control. Having multiple carriers selling the Iphone may diminish the control they have over their product.

Other companies have had to step up their game to combat Iphone sales. The Iphone is and will always be iconic. Does this mean there are no other worthy competitors to the Iphone? Hardly not. HTC and Motorola offerings of Googles Android OS are worthy competitors for sure. This open source platform is the stiffest competition to Apple. Without getting into specifics on paticular phones running ther Android OS the biggest feature is the Android Market as a challenger to the Apple App store. is a great place to see what the competition has in store for Apple.

The bottom line is this, do you need the Iphone? Probably not. There are many phones out there that are capable of doing what it does. Some do it even Better. Do some research, ask questions and by all means test drive your phone before you buy it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

RUMORS!!! Iphone to anyone other than ATT? Doubt it. Check back later for this and other rumors.

Data for Mild users?

OK readers here we go again. Big Red, Verizon is up to no good yet again. They are contemplting more ways of how to lift money from us and somehow try and make it seem like they are thinking about us and actually care. Maybe they do, but personally I dont see how so when they continue to nickel and dime consumers to death. This is a clip that I got from

"It’s inevitable, tiered data plans for mobile devices are coming. It’s a reality that wireless providers and consumers are soon going to have to deal with. As phones add more features and become more data-centric, they tax wireless networks, and ultimately, the network provider’s bottom line. Verizon’s CTO, Tony Melone, had this to say when he was asked about unlimited data plans by the Wall Street Journal: “As much data as you can consume is the big issue that has to change… It’s one thing to say all you can eat is gone, it’s another to have consumers worrying, ‘Can I stream this radio?’ That’s what we don’t want.” It is mildly comforting to know that Verizon’s CTO understands — you can get rid of unlimited data… as long as we can have unlimited data. One thing we’re sure of: when the first major U.S. carrier institutes a tiered data pricing policy, the others are sure to follow suit. You can look for this to roll out prior to Verizon’s first 4G handset dropping circa summer 2011. "

So what does this mean for those of us that might be with Verizon? Versizon is saying that it looking for ways so that consumers that use data moderately can be charged less than those that are heavy users. Great idea. However when it becomes required that a handset have any type of data plan is where I draw the line. Why not just create bundle like they used to have. I applaud Sprint, they have the fewest number of plans to choose from, less confusing, and everything seems to be bundled. And if you dont need the bundle you can pick and choose what you want. Their advantage, with the bundle, you get more and save more, PERIOD. I am not bashing Verizon and rallying for Sprint. Its just a fact. Both companies have their pros and cons. Ultimately its the consumer that decides who succeeds and fails.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Check out I know it's not a cell phone site but it has a lot of great info on gadgets including cell phones.


Phones, Phones and more Phones. There are so many to choose from these. Does anyone just want a phone to talk on? Probably not!! Phones these days have become personal computer replacements and in some cases replacements for laptops.

I would have to say the average cell phone user maybe spends 30% to 40% of the time actually talking on their phone. The remainder of the time they are text messaging, checking their emails or getting the latest tweet about someone having lunch.

No I see no problem with people using these devices for what they are capable of. The problem I have is with the people not using the right phone for them. People these days are just merely followers, wanting the same phone as their friend or what they see in commercials. People these days do not "test Drive" the phone they have or are about to commit to for the next 2 years. Its not to hard people. Go to a store and PLAY with the phone before you buy it. Just because your friend has it, likes it or recommends it, doesnt make it right for YOU. Remember it is you that will be using this phone not anyone else. All to often you dont realize you have the WRONG phone until its to late and you cant return it.

So do us all a favor and actually try, shop, play and research what you are getting into before you actually committ to it. In the long run you will be much happier with what you have purchased.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We all know what the cell phone companies are battling for, right? To be number one? No, to simply seperate you from your gard earnd dollar. Thats it, plain and simple, they want your money and they want more of it each and every day.
Recently Verizon introduced there Unlimited calling for $69.99 a month. Sounds good, right? Well not less than a year ago they introduced and unlimited package that included unlimited talk, text and web for $119.99. That also sounds like a great plan, right? Well all it seems they have done is broken up that bundle to allow someone to make unlimited calls only. Who does that these days, a cell phone for strictly calls? Crazy I know. So that same person that wants this unlimited talk along with unlimited text, add $20 a month, oh you also want unlimited web, add another $30. Where does that put you, right back at $119.99 a month.
Now I have to hand it to Verizon, they are marketing geniuses. They have everyone in the country believing that their $69.99 ublimited talk plan is the next best thing and drive people into their stores where they are then upsold on the things they really need, texting and web(data) plans. My hats off to ya Verizon. Now not to be outdone, ATT has also gone the same route as Verizon. Copycats is all it is.
How do they justify the charges, well they say its because they have the biggest or fastest networks, hmmm, I am not to sure about that.
Attention readers!!!! Verizon and Sprint have a roaming areement!!! What does that mean to you? Well if you are a Sprint customer, whoa and behold, when you are not on the Sprint network, you roam on Verizons network. So, when Verizon has their fancy commercials talking about how big their network is, guess what Sprint Customer. Thats your Network map too!!! Bet you didnt know that.
This leads me to Sprint and their current(as of 3/10/10) $69.99 plan. Well thisa is what you Get with Sprint for the same price. Unlimited Mobile Calling to Any Cell Phone in the country regardless of Carrier, Unlimited Text and Picture Messaging, Unlimited Web services, Unlimited Navigation, Sprint TV and for those of you calling Landline 450 minutes for that too. Not to shabby I think. Ya, Verizon and ATT will tell you that you only get 450 Anytime minutes compared to their unlimited. But these days, who calls a landline. Its the simple fact that you can call a Verizon or ATT customer and it be FREE that is the best part of this plan. To me, that is Unlimited!!!
So you tell me. What is the better Value these days? Times are tough, we all need to save wherever you can. I know some of you might say, " I am under contract, it will cost me $200 to cancel and switch." I tell you, do the math. If sprint will save you on average at minimum $30 a month over a 24 month period, that equals $720 in saving over the life of the standard 2 year agreement. When you subtract your cancellation fee, you save over $500. Now I dont know about you, but that is a lot of money to me.
So what is your choice?