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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Phones, Phones and more Phones. There are so many to choose from these. Does anyone just want a phone to talk on? Probably not!! Phones these days have become personal computer replacements and in some cases replacements for laptops.

I would have to say the average cell phone user maybe spends 30% to 40% of the time actually talking on their phone. The remainder of the time they are text messaging, checking their emails or getting the latest tweet about someone having lunch.

No I see no problem with people using these devices for what they are capable of. The problem I have is with the people not using the right phone for them. People these days are just merely followers, wanting the same phone as their friend or what they see in commercials. People these days do not "test Drive" the phone they have or are about to commit to for the next 2 years. Its not to hard people. Go to a store and PLAY with the phone before you buy it. Just because your friend has it, likes it or recommends it, doesnt make it right for YOU. Remember it is you that will be using this phone not anyone else. All to often you dont realize you have the WRONG phone until its to late and you cant return it.

So do us all a favor and actually try, shop, play and research what you are getting into before you actually committ to it. In the long run you will be much happier with what you have purchased.

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  1. This comment actually speaks to why companies are now requiring data plans on 3g devices. Why buy the latest computer if you are not going to moveup from dialup to cable. Making it a requirement, not quite, there are still devices out there that don't have full HTML capabilities and those still do not require any type of data plan. Also, VZW is not the only wireless carrier to "require" a data plan on "3G" or simularly named "almost-smart-phones".