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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sprint's Android Phones

Sprint is getting into the mix and is soon going to be offering some of the best Android Operating System Phones on the market. They currently have the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment in their stores ready to be bought. Coming soon to Sprint will be the 4G HTC EVO, the Motorola I1(first push to talk android os phone) and the Nexus One which is already available with Tmobile and ATT wireless.
The addition of these 3 phones in the coming months is going to give Sprint some of the most powerful and popular Android OS phones on the mrket. Their HTC Hero is already getting better reviews than the Iphone. This coming from independent magazines such as pcworld.
For a quick look at these new phones and what they are capable of, take a look at this article on
Will these phones be enough to keep Sprint afloat and turn the tides of losing customers? Perhaps! It is ddefinately a step in the right direction. Their value can not be beat by any of the other 3 major U.S. based carriers. Their customer service is turning the corner. The fact that they have a 4G network working at this time helps put them in the lead. I believe they need to work on improving their lower tier phone offerings. The LG Rumor Touch is a step in that direction.

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