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Monday, March 15, 2010

Best Cell Phone Accessories of 2010

This is just a List of what I feel are the Best and Most Practical Cell Phone Acessories on the market today. There is no paticular order. I have used many of these devices myself and speak from my own experience. Some I am basing off the feedback of others that have used the products mentioned. As always, do your own research and go with what is best for yourself.

1. Otterbox Protective Cases

These cases offer not 1, not 2 but 3 layers of protection for your device. Thats amazing. These cases come ready to protect you from dust, water and those ever so fun drops on the concrete. They start with a protective sleeve that generally covers the keypad, speaker and microphone areas. This is then followed by a snap on plastic shell. Finally the outer shell is then protected by a rubber gel skin.

I cant even tell you how many times I have seen a phone drop from just a few feet and get damaged beyond belief. The cost varies from $30 to $50 depending on the device you are protecting. Keep in mind that many of your Smartphones cost in excess of $400. And how many of you opted, or are unable to get insurance(Iphone), to not get insurance on your phone?

2. Touchstone Charger

What an ingenious way to charge your device. No Cables!! I realy like and personally use this charging system with my Palm Pre. Love it, Love it. It makes texting and driving so much easier. Oops did I admit that?? Lets be honest, many of us charge our phones in the car and use our phones while doing so. This makes it easy to take of the pedestal and not have to deal with that pesky charging cable in the car.

OK aside from the illegal, in some states, texting while driving advantages I think this is where charging your battery is going. Think abiout how you will no longer need to "plug In" your phone. No more bad connections causing your phone to not charge. thats exactly what this does for you.

If you search the web you can find one between $50 to $70 on average. A great place to go for your Palm gadgets like this is .

There are other similar charging docks for others makes and models of phones so depending on what device you are using, look around, you might be able to find one for yours.

3. Invisishield by Zagg

I cant say enough about this product. It is hands down the best protection for any phone on the market. I have yet to see a phone that they could not protect. I currently use it on both my Palm Pre and my HTC Hero.

The additional cost, $15 to $40, is well worth it. The price varies on the phone model and whether or not youre protecting just the screen or the entire device. Personally I have found that protecting the screen is sufficient.

My biggest recommendation with this product is that you have a professional install it. You might be lucky to have a mall that has a kiosk that sells this product in your area. Here in Southern California there are several mall locations. Another location is Best Buy. I highly, highly suggest that you do not attempt to put on yourself. You may end up with air bubbles that you can not get out.

They make these covers for many fifferent devices. Cameras, laptops, etc....

4. Motorola Endeavor Bluetooth

This is one of the best blutooth on the market today. This bluetooth has a feature that puts you in stealth mode. I compare that to being in a smaill room with nothing in it but yourself. The fit of it is great. It comes with 4 different ear pieces for a superior fit. It does take a few days to get used to. Once you are used to the fit though, it is subperb.

This is what Cnet had to say:

The good: The Motorola Endeavor HX1's bone conduction completely eliminates background noise when needed, while the CrystalTalk noise-cancellation technology works well in most everyday situations. It also has voice prompts and multipoint support. We like the feel of the controls and the snug fit in the ear.

The bad: The Motorola Endeavor HX1's bone-conduction mode can result in poor voice quality, and the HX1 might fit too deep in the ear for some.

The bottom line: Though the call quality isn't perfect, the combination of bone conduction, CrystalTalk, and other features make the Motorola Endeavor HX1 a fantastic headset.

Here is all the tech info you need to know. I wont bore you to death with it. Lets just say this device is well worth the money you invest into it.

5. Jabra Halo Stereo Bluetooth

For those of you that like to listen to music on your phone, this is the Stereo Headset that you have to have. The sound quality is amazing on these. The highs are high and the lows low. I was shocked by how rich the sound was coming from the earpieces.

The Jabra Halo has a slim and stylish design that folds down to a more compact and portable shape. It comes with a 3.5-millimeter patch cord in case your device does not have stereo Bluetooth

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