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Monday, March 15, 2010

News From ATT

WEll it looks like ATT is coming out with some new features for its mobile customers. Not to bad. I think they have put some effort to actually provide some services for its customers. Here is a quick breakdown of what they will soon be offering.

AT&T Address Book will sync your contacts with an online server, you’ll always have your phonebook backed-up and you’ll also be able to access and manage it from either your phone or computer. It will also allow you to import contacts from other web-based sources like e-mail accounts. Using it will be free of charge.

Next Generation Messaging will bring features, such as “reply all” functionality that will let you respond to up to 10 contacts, a threaded-style conversation display and a consolidated inbox.

AT&T Mobile Share will let you share photos and videos (maximum file size is set to 10MB) from your cell phone with your computer, social networking sites, people and a personal “storage locker” on the Internet. Users will be able to access the content in their storage lockers from a computer or a phone. AT&T Mobile Share will be available for $10 per month for 50 media transfers. Pay per use price will be $.35 for a single transfer. Your maximum storage limit will be 250MB, but this can be expanded to 10GB more, for another $5 per month.

For a more detailed listing of what they will be offering along with 3 new handsets, check this out:

My take on what they are offering. It gives the customer options now. I dont feel any of these phones are groundbreaking or "got to have" devices. But for some, they might be. Bottom line, the more options a customer has, the better.

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