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Friday, March 19, 2010

Sprint is one Step Closer to Supersonic!!

It seems as though the folks over at Sprint are getting ready for something big. This aryicle was just posted on What does this all mean? Its just a packing slip or purchase order. Well it simply means that the Supersonic from HTC is on its way and SOON. Many speculated that HTC Supersonic would not be out until later this year. My guess is with the expected "official" announcement next week, that we are looking for a lauh within the next month possibly. This announcement paired with the expected release of the Nexus One is definately putting Sprint in a Prime position to be a Game Player in the Business.
Here is the Article from
The other day we reported that the HTC Supersonic could be introduced at CTIA next week. For those who somehow missed the story, this is the handset that seems designated by Sprint to launch the 4G WiMAX network. For such a monumental task, you would expect to find a studly beast of a phone,and the Supersonic lives up to the billing. Sprint has said that it would launch a 4G handset by summer, so you would expect to start seeing the signs that this is true. And thanks to a tipster, Engadget has obtained a screen shot of some internal Sprint communication that appears to show the Supersonic. The model number of the handset, A9292, appears on a warehouse portal used by indirect third party dealers. It might not be as much proof of an imminent introduction as a press release from Sprint might be, but it still means something and with the amazing specs like a 4.3 inch AMOLED screen, 1GB of ROM and 1GHz of Snapdragon power under the hood, not to mention the 4G connectivity, it all means a lot.

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