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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ok it looks like March 24 might be the big day Sprint and everyone else have been waiting for. SUPERSONIC , will be announced and confirmed.

Well at this time it seems like today is a big day for Sprint. the forthcoming announcement concerning the possible release of the 4G Supersonic and now this,,,,,
The Announcement that Sprint will also be carrying the Nexus One.
It is not yet known if they will be sold in stores, like Verizon, or if they will need to be purchased directly from Google, like Tmobile. Either way this is a great day for customers of all the Big 4 National carriers.
Customers will no longer need to switch companies if they are interested in the Nexus One. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a Company(HTC & Google) offering the same phone for all companies to partake in. Of course there might be subtle changes from one carrier to the next but that isnt a bad thing.

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